We are a group of design agencies and creative schools, spread across the globe

Our creative network harnesses the power of ideas, technology and design to make a meaningful difference to brands, businesses, and people. Design has always been a key lever of industrial, societal and organisational change. As professional artists, designers, writers, thinkers, educators, strategists and dreamers, we address today’s projects with tomorrow’s methods by bring design and education together. 


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As creative professionals ourselves, our engagement with design, strategy and communication has connected us to the evolving technologies and lifestyles that a civilisation in movement demands.


Founded by creative professionals

With multidisciplinary creative backgrounds, Clement Derock and Frederic Lalande found themselves asking the same question: how can creativity be of real value in our economy?

In 2000, they opened their first design agency, Seenk, in Paris, investing in creativity, technology and talent to transform multi-media brand design. They soon found it challenging to find cross-functional talent trained in new media. This inspired their first school, Ecole Intuit Lab, with a program that adapted to the market by anticipating the evolution of technologies, and with new expertise, creating new demand. This marked the beginning of over two decades of synergy between design & education.

With a strong and varied background in design, ranging from architecture to product to aerospace to internet design, Clement’s experiences placed him at the heart of the beginning of multi-media design. His mixed Indian and French origins have made him a longtime global citizen…

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Driven by his independent and entrepreneurial spirit, ever since he studied design, Frederic has worked at studios and design houses he himself founded. His passion has always lied in working with cutting edge technology, from the era of the CD Rom to today…

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We practice. We educate.

Since 2000, our network has grown in number and international reach. Our schools and agencies work in synergy by observing the evolutions of the design market and adapting education programs to meet them. Our educators are practicing professionals, and our students quickly join the industry. 

We encourage reflection, learning, and understanding of design and the digital space, and their interaction with the society we live in.